This game is a game with micro transactions

This game is a game with micro transactions. In other games with such transactions you have to pay for content. So image if the last story you had to pay $5.00 to play it. You would not be so accepting of “Hey this is a Micro Transaction game” line. This is how I feel about being force to group at the end. It was like they charged money just so you could get a ticket to get into the mission.

I think we’ll agree to disagree. If it were a pay-for-DLC game, yes, I’d expect to pay for DLC. But it’s not, we don’t, and this was advertised as part of the game. I never saw that it was advertised as a purely solo game or that story-mode was a solo feature.
I did 3 epic quests (and parts of a couple others) in EQ1. They required groups and raids, and were effective in getting people together to accomplish goals of individuals. I loved it, and still love that aspect in MMOGs. Same thing with the big quests in other games as well — did the epic lines in Rift most recently.

There are single-player games. The stories in them are 10-times better than GW2’s, too.

Having to attempt dungeon content is hard the first time. I could totally see that as a valid complaint. But getting tweaked cuz a MMO requires you to group to accomplish the pinnacle achievement in a basic aspect of the game — I think it’s misguided.

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