Towards the end keep an eye on your map in Guild Wars 2

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Tixx Reached his home town of Rata Sum finally. Along the middle level of the magnificent city you can enter his infiniarium and complete the last of the mini dungeon challenges (Don’t worry if you missed any, 10am PST today he lands in Lion’s Arch and you can retry any of the past events). To complete this challenge you’ll revisit some events of the past, with a new one added just for the Asuran.

When you enter Tixx’s Infiniarium, you’ll be teleported to the workshop. Once inside, don’t use the teleporter in front of you, but instead jump off the side into the snow below. Here you’ll find a large oval area filled with toy houses, trees and fencing. In and around the open area are dozens of Skritt busily stealing presents. You and your party will need to collect a total of 15 presents from the Skritt and deliver them to the Princess Doll in the center of the oval, marked by the orange bucket icon.

The Skritt at this level will try and steal the presents and take them to the outer edge of the map. If a Skritt reaches the edge with a gift it will be lost and you’ll have to wait for new ones to spawn. Once you’ve collected all fifteen presents, your next task is to collect a Plasma Paint Cannon from just underneath the Waypoint.  There are five in total so that each member of your party can participate. All you then need to do is locate the Unpainted Princess Dolls and hit them with the only weapon skill.

This task is a little like cat and mouse and it is rather tedious locating all 40 as the Unpainted Dolls run around the area in random patterns. A useful way of locating them is to hold down Left-ALT to reveal friendly units, but be sure to avoid the still-roaming Skritt. Towards the end keep an eye on your map as once you are down to less than 5 dolls left the game starts pinging their location on your mini map.

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