Type according to the Build of appendix

When you are in this world adventure, you will experience a rich open world, but also to experience the perfect single RPG elements, these elements can also be linked up with your friends to enjoy. The story line will be very rich and diverse, you will chase the mysterious creature in the zombie infested swamp play pirates undercover to participate in the drinking contest, sneaked into the city in the night, try a small tower defense combat, in order to deal with the specter of invasion or led the army to fight the flood enemy, these are the players to experience personal story to the exciting adventure.

Type according to the Build of appendix, summon the necromancer can have 3.2 k, 3.1 k armor and 26 k of HP. Minions of each attack will give you reply to 97 HP, death will be triggered with Weakness and Poison effects of poisonous fog. One-on-one situations almost no one can compete with you, cancel key stone and keep the effect of the point are all very good, the operation is simple without brain, very suitable for beginners to use.

When you want to start a new chapter in the story of the designers will come together and discuss around the outline of the story, the emergence of role players how to choose which branch. Concluded, they will be the two-member team to join a single story line for this chapter. The squads will discuss the development of a story line, how to enrich, while maintaining the overall trend. If the story of the original plan can not provide an interesting experience, then designers will come up with new ideas, and create a more interesting game content, but still achieve the same purpose.

Unfortunately, due to low minions AI set this Build will be any major players ranged weapons kite to death unable to resist, in the face of complex enemy minions will only run the earth cannot be assisted an important goal. The last of the defect is, sorts of Buy GW2 Gold minions once AOE to clear, besides punching bag why you can’t do anything – look at the front of the violent. Don’t expect the characteristics of minions improved 50% health, strengthen the only difference is that after service by a move to pour into the two strokes.

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