What Do You Think Of the Career Mode in Madden 18

Madden 18’s career pattern is somewhat confusing to some extent. Since at least Madden 25 in 2013, it has received some smart updates, but fundamentally the same. The biggest update is the start of the UI and offseason. The owner mode and player mode remain almost unchanged.


Madden 13 this basic structure has been achieved, which is the introduction of the player XP drive the first year of progress, which is a frustrating approach, often leading to poor growth of players. Owners model after next year, since the update has been very targeted.

Subsequent games bring them a smart practice mode, which allows you to choose which players and combinations, as well as more powerful free players and draft functions. Madden 17 introduced the “play moments”, which makes it easier to play with multiple seasons. These very targeted updates will help improve the career model even if it remains functional.

This update will help Madden’s CFM remain quite fun, but it is not enough in other areas. The owner model is especially a terrible, broken mess, its only salvation feature is that it allows you to move the team to one of the few cities. Its technology is based on economics, plain, the owner does not care about tickets or hot dogs, they care about TV transaction revenue – and can not turn the team like Jacksonville financial death spiral, even if you play well.

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