Where to go From Here in Guild Wars 2

Each game are equivalent to a story, and it is by countless branch composition. We are playing a game, is equivalent to be personally on the scene. We also became constitute a story of a factor.And Guild Wars 2 Gold related transactions.

The rumors are building on the horizon that the next few monthly events are going to be huge content updates. ArenaNet let spill today in a forum post  that the next update is a tiny one that is meant to prime players for the two big updates coming in the February and March. Sadly no details emerged about what the theme or focus of these events would be.

I think their are a few things I wish the previous 3 events had more of, and something I hope we can focus on going forward with the new content patches.This might seem like a weird request, but honestly there is already a ton of content in the game, and I just spent the two previous points talking about it. But it’s worth pointing out that a lot of the game doesn’t need more content, it needs more systems to support it.

What I mean by systems is any mechanic or tool that doesn’t nescessarily add content to the game, but something that improves or makes better existing content. A great example of a recent addition that fits this idea is Breakout Events. They added a new mechanic to WvW that improve the game appreciably.

Systems like this to improve the experience of players, especially in PvP and WvW would be worth real money.Increased Guild focus in ways that tie into all the other content, and provide alternate long term progression to groups of players. PvP systems and supports for public QP leader boards. All of these things would add immense value to the game without requiring a single piece of story to be written.

I think the failures of some of the events past can be tied directly to the deadlines ArenaNet has made for themselves trying to hit monthly updates of this size. If you’re an MMO gamer you’ve seen time and again Development teams promise crazy release schedules and time and time again they fail to meet the goals they set.

Developing an MMO is hard, time consuming work, and there are many unforeseen issues that drain development time. As the game matures and the live team gets more events under their belt I think we can all look forward to more refined content launches.What type of content or systems are you hoping for in the next 3 months? And if you have any ideas for future Mechanic’s Workshop I would love to hear it!

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