Why use a long stick to play

Skills of the long stick Department has a large number of the specified type AOE, which means that even in the face of scattered heap the blame will still be effective given the blow, rather than deliberately strange together, when the scope of the long stick with a certain degree of understanding, even see somewhat scattered strange, all in the role of the range, still can not hesitate to blame the heap bombing.

Furthest strike distance helps to see the fighting, so that you can more clearly the next step specify the skills to be placed in what position.

As long as all of the skills of the familiar long stick, even if there is no sufficient characteristics of the initial elements is still not easy to die.

Therefore, the maximum premise is familiar skills as early as possible to how it works.

Long-stick element to learn two things: the the monophyletic batter way switching sequence with the property. Instead attribute Combo Secondly, do not yet learned to climb on the fly.

Monophyletic batter Basics, I believe there are a lot of people have played the Master in many models online game, holding a long stick, small is the kite to big for kite melee is not conducive to the Master, so many people should be accustomed . The same face of long-range combat, is also detrimental to the long rod elements.

But do not forget the long rod elements reflective shield and earth spirits can be used, in addition to being the king eyeing eating fat bursts outside N, most field situations basically rely on open the reflective shield has more than enough, even the earth spirits Do not call.

Whether you take the output type or milk tanks type, do not forget to switch elements and Paowei, exact control your enemy, you can exempt easily be pushed fate.

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