WildStar Challenge in-depth Guide

As online gaming grows in prolific strides, so too does the in-depth content of the games. Wildstar, the MMO, is such a game. With rich and romantic art, wildly entertaining story aspects, and intuitive game play, it stands that Wildstar will be poised to be quite popular.


The game has so many aspects, galactic battles among two factions, exploration of space, delving into the secrets of a long dead super advanced race, and straight up out flying your friends in Player Versus Player Elements, we are talking today about the Challenges system.

As a random element, every once in a while, if you are out exploring the universe or question, you will be given a Challenge mission. There is no consequence for walking away from one, though trying to complete may end in horrors to your character. Completion, almost always time based can grant great rewards. There are four unique forms challenges will take; Item Challenges, General Challenges, Combat Challenges and finally Ability Challenges.

Item challenges are straight forward enough. They usually involved being tasked with gather a certain number of a specific item. The item in question can be as simple as a Snoglug egg or 10, to item drops that only come from very specific enemies and are rare and few. They can be easy or difficult, determined by which item you are being tasked to find.

General challenges are varied. The whole prospect behind General Challenges is completing an act of skill, without a combat element. These acts of skills could be finding something, climbing something very high, disabling devices, and or traversing things in a specific way. Whether it’s avoiding booby traps or taking out mines without being blown sky high is what makes these challenges fun.

Ability challenges test you more as a player than your characters attributes. Ability challenges give the player a temporary ability, called a T-Spell. Using the new ability you must meet some kind of goal, like using a net grenade to capture a specific number of enemies. These tasks can be as fun and exciting as hurling large rocks at super-fast enemies, or simply handing out leaflets to random people on the street.

Finally, we have combat challenges. Straight forward and the simplest of all the challenges, simple put these challenges ask you to kill a certain number of a specific enemy. They will be marked as specific targets for this challenge and it’s your job to scratch them off the list.

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