World vs World in Guild Wars 2 can seem like a game of numbers

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World vs. World in Guild Wars 2 can seem like it’s a game of numbers, with large groups of organized players bashing into one another for dominance. However, don’t think that the game is won just by zerging. Objectives such as Resource Camps and Mercenary Camps can be taken with just a handful of players and contribute greatly to the overall war effort.

Sentries stand and guard random locations throughout the map. You can either attack or defend a sentry. To capture a sentry point, slay the sentry and then stand in the capture point until the progress bar (displayed in the upper right corner of the screen) indicates that it has been captured. To defend a sentry, keep your sentry from perishing and hold the capture point. Generally, it’s not worth it to stand around and defend the different sentry points, but capturing them provides points for your world and is something a smaller task force can easily accomplish.

To defeat a sentry solo, you’ll want to make sure your build can kite. Snares and speed buffs are a must. Then engage the soldier and begin to attack and move, the soldier can take you one on one without much effort. However, with two players, it becomes trivialized.

WvW isn’t just about large scale siege battles. As a matter of a fact, if teams of players don’t split off and take supply camps and hold towers, then the defenders will always have a substantial advantage.

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