You will need to use your scanner to uncover the Suspicious Locations in Guild Wars 2

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The second act of the Mad Memoires isn’t like the first, mainly because it requires you to be around level 55 in order to finish it. It takes you into a few higher level zones and obviously, the reward at the end has better stats, but you’ll need some help if you’re a lower level. This follows the same methodology as the first; there are six memoires out there.

You’ll need to use your scanner to uncover the “Suspicious Locations” which either spawn the ghost who gives you the memoire or starts an event to spawn the ghost.You’ll also need inventory space for all of the items, the Pieces of Candy Corn, and the scanner.

First thing you’ll want to do is head to the waypoint in the Ascalon Settlement. If it’s currently overtaken by the centaur, choose any waypoint to the right of the town. You’ll want to head east out of the town and go north up a hill. Even if the town has been captured, guards will remain around the monument. Scan Corporeal around the ruined doorway beside the monument to reveal a Suspicious Location. Activate it to start the event “Drive back the hands of the accused thieves.”

Some hands and zombies will spawn, take them out and talk to Cashel to get the memoire.Go to Harathi Hinterlands at Demetra Waypoint. You’ll want to go into the ruins to where the statue is. Don’t run to it, fight your way there or you will be overwhelmed. Use your Etheric Scan to uncover Maisie who will give you this memoire. The Suspicious Location is near the candles.

While still in harathi, go to the Greystone Rise waypoint and follow the map to walk into the barn. Scan Corporeal Field to talk to Rufus. From here, I suggest skipping the tenth memoire and doing the eleventh, since it’s still in harathi.

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