You will see a truly vibrant set of options as players in Guild Wars 2

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Its been a while since the writers of GW2 Hub fought over an issue and the Ascended items, introduced a little over a month ago, certainly stirred up many a discussion.  In this installment of the Last Whiskey Bar, Innuendo and I go toe to toe on whether Ascended items are a good or a bad thing. To mix things up a little, Innuendo is (less than willingly) in the ‘for’ camp and Lewis is in the ‘against’.

Putting Ascended Gear in Fractals is step one to making dungeons worth running for character progression reasons. And without diving into ArenaNet’s possible future plans for progression. Right now the curve stops at Ascended, and that makes high level dungeoning both the hardest, and the most rewarding, experience in the game. And as we’ve seen, if the reward is the same for every activity, players will only ever do the one that is the easiest.

While the roll out of Ascended gear was sloppy, it’s a path that once refined will elevate the hardest content in the game the way it should be. Provided you can complete the dungeons, you should get the rewards to show it off. Once they get the rest of the roll out complete, you’ll see a truly vibrant set of options as players, ones that reward both time and challenge.

We’ve had our say, and now we’d like to hear your thoughts on the matter, and which of us should be declared the victor for the latest round of The Last Whiskey Bar. Do you believe Lewis makes a better argument for Ascended items, or do you side with Innuendo in thinking this new item addition is good for the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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