Your Character Can Change Classes In Final Fantasy XIV

Good games all have a impressive visual effect, to Final Fantasy XIV, in the few areas, visually, and it can’t reach perfect, characters often getting lost in a sea of similar looking characters. Are you now wondering how to buy cheapest Final Fantasy XIV Gil from


Classes are gender locked, so while one ranger, berserker or warrior may look different from another with hair color, height and such, not being close enough to see those details will give you an indistinct sea of characters wearing the same outfit. But, with Final Fantasy XIV’s improvement, a series of issues can be dealed with quickly.

Final Fantasy XIV’s job system mitigates this somewhat, your character can change classes at will, removing the need to mess around with alts and making the role you play much less of a hard commitment. As such, you don’t have the same sort of siege mentality that you might in other games, because if your class is lacking something, there’s almost nothing stopping you from switching.

Finally, the Red Mage job is brand new to Stormblood as far as Final Fantasy XIV goes, offering rapiers, magicked crystal mediums and a hybrid ranged/melee play style that starts at level 50 without an associated class. It needs to be remembered that cheap FFXIV Power Leveling for sale.

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