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Credit card fraud warning

Don’t accept membership from other players – doing so is dangerous!We would like to remind everyone that you must NOT allow another player to pay for your runescape account membership.

If someone offers you either a low level members account or offers to upgrade your own account to a members account (usually in return for runescape items), the chances are that the way they are paying will be fraudulent. When we discover this, we will cancel the payment, and then ban your account permanently. So please do not fall for this trick.

The general rule is, if its too good to be true, it normally is!

Fraudulent payments will be unearthed and result in automatic and permanent bans for all concerned. All transactions are logged. We can track and prosecute anybody attempting to make fraudulent payments. It is not allowed to pay for the membership of someone outside your family.

Lumbridge Moneymaking:

Following a lengthy seminar about industry and trade, the Skill Tutors and other Lumbridge locals have become much more commercially minded. Having noticed the swathes of inexperienced adventurers who pass through Lumbridge, they’ve decided to employ them to help supply all manner of items.This means that, in return for completing their tasks, players can receive a modest, but prompt, payment. So, if you are reasonably low-leveled and your money is running low, the people of Lumbridge will help you to recover your finances – in return for a little hard work.

Lumbridge and Draynor Village Achievement Diary:

Explorer Jack, famed wanderer of RuneScape, has taken a much needed rest in Lumbridge. Instead of putting his feet up, however, he’s encouraging a new generation of explorers. Visit him in the house north-east of Lumbridge Castle to begin achieving.There are Beginner, Easy and Medium tasks in the Lumbridge and Draynor Achievement Diary, but no ‘Hard’ tasks. Lumbridge is, after all, a beginner’s town, so the tasks can be completed by all but the newest of players. The rewards are aimed for everyone to appreciate, though!