Profession Update

Revised Naming Names procedure – tell us what you think!

We try very hard to keep our guidelines up with the times, but sometimes we need a little help. Previously, our forum rules forbade naming other players in a negative light. This was done in effort to protect users from false accusations and having circular fights based on hearsay on the forums. This rule was old, dating back to a time when topics like this were a lot more common. Recently though, it was highlighted just poorly this rule has aged over time when a forum member tried to show a video of a new dueling glitch and by our previous version of the rule, it had to be removed.

We try our best to serve our community, and part of the way we do this is by keeping our rules current and reasonable. Unfortunately some things tend to slip through over time. As promised though this rule was revised to hopefully allow more freedom of discussion. Rest assured though we are always open to feedback — on this rule and any others. We encourage you guys to post if you have any!

The current revised Naming Names rules read as follows:

We still had a very real concern about damaging user reputation; yet we wanted to allow people to show their vids/pictures to warn players or discuss serious/recent events that affect the community. The above is a compromise of the two. Ideally what this will prevent are still any “he scammed, she scammed” that might occur, yet still allow users the freedom to discuss the botting epidemic/EoC glitches/etc provided they make the effort to encourage discussion. (And while we always offered the ability to contact the administration if you disagreed with a post removal, or if someone is harassing you, now it’s in writing to help spread awareness.)