15 Bonus Spins with 90 and 100 day RuneScape Game Cards

Everyone who redeems a 90 or 100 day RuneScape Game Card between the 18th and 28th of May will enjoy 15 bonus spins on their Squeal of Fortune. Whether you’re running low on membership and don’t want to miss out on our Mad May members’ offers, or just want to top up for the summer months, there’s now another great reason to try out this secure, convenient payment method.

Even if you have an ongoing subscription, it’s easy to take advantage of this one-off off offer without interrupting the agreement. Redeeming a Game Card will not end a recurring subscription; it will simply delay the next payment by the amount of days purchased on your Game Card.

This offer is available through every retailer stocking 90 and 100 day cards in every territory where they’re available, but not through online stores. Visit our store locator page to find your nearest stockist.

Please also note that this offer does not apply to Ultimate Game Cards redeemed via PayByCash.

Once you’ve redeemed your card, your spins will be automatically added to the “bought spins” category on the Squeal of Fortune, for you to use at your leisure the next time you log in.

Don’t forget – being a member during Mad May gets you 3 spins instead of 2 per day, lets you in on loads of Wild Weekend content, and more. Take a look here for details.

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