Opinions From Runescape CEO About The Competition of Game Held in China

Jagex is the UK’s largest games developer and publisher, it was founded in December 2001, and it is known for the development and distribution of the world’s largest free MMORPG game RuneScape, RuneScape already has 200 million registered users in the world, being second in size only after world of Warcraft, it won the Records “the most popular (popular game) MMORPG game”, it claims to have 50 million people online. Jagex recently launched a new “Transformers” 3D web games.

November 19, during a creative contest of the second sector university student game (Game News), the reporter interviewed (game celebrity) the contest judges Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard. Compared to this Contest good side, can you talk about the ability of the entries, as well as the problems encountered by these student teams? Gerhard: From the competition we have seen a lot of whimsy game ideas, but we need to point out that due to it is the student team competition, the creativity of the work, including the quality depends on the level of the teachers,even we can say the teacher directly determine these entries, their creative understanding had determined what kind of work the competition is.

Generally speaking, Compared to European and American game industry, Chinese game industry is still very young, you can see through this competition, game education is being added into Chinese universities teaching content, but it takes time, the government also needs investment, in fact, in Europe and the United States, the government is also supporting game education, to see the results, you need RS Gold to wait. In fact, most of the host game revenues are explosive revenue, even if they can not continue to maintain this income althouth the duty calling them, mostly in the initial sale, social and mobile games have a longer life cycle, they are relatively stable and be growing .


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