The game of RS Gold is secured to legendary equipment

The latest version game of RS Gold will bring the legendary equipment to basic equipment, which property will have a qualitative leap, strengthen the level will be raised to 150.

Nine days God iron is also a of purple equipment consume a certain amount of more than 70 open refining equipment page, equipment manufacturing, refining interface increase and strengthen the level orange loaded system of refining “function, Level 70 purple equipment to the casting into orange equipment . Orange equipment have a stronger foundation property, and strengthen the level cap to 150.

In in orange mounted in the casting process, the most important props nine days God iron need to get away from the stove. God after high temperature forging iron regardless reach a superior level of hardness and precision equipment be able to use it to create force to block the powerful army.

Seek sword rivers and lakes Soul Eater “legend equipment on the original property, can be enhanced by equipping strengthening mosaic properties owned properties through the precious stone to. Equipment, respectively, corresponding to the ten attributes: hats and clothes to increase defense and maximum HP, necklace and shoes increased dodge and HP caps, waist fall to increase the attack and MP ceiling the Cloak increased defense and MP ceiling, Gauntlets and Ring increase crit and HP caps, weapons increase attack and crit talisman increase the crit and dodge.

Equipped refining interface, we can see the enhanced equipment button To improve self-fighting power, the most simple equipment to strengthen and equipment to strengthen and gradually open the ceiling level with the progress of players unparalleled challenges, the orange equipment intensive level has reached unprecedented of 150. Enhanced equipment to bind the state, can not be traded. The legendary equipment to strengthen the need to consume their strength, but the success rate is 100%, the same increase in the same quality equipment enhanced properties, the better the quality strengthen an increase attributes more, but consumes more vitality.

G sister game of Runescape Gold is legendary equipment can be engraved with inscriptions, inscriptions can not only increase the player character attributes, an assembly of 10 of the same level of inscriptions can trigger special effects, such as fireworks, or, if Mars eruption.

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