In RS Money Making Tips

Runescape is completely centered on making money and GP. You won’t get anywhere or have any fun unless you have a decent supply of gold. We want you to make cash as easy as possible, even if you are a newbie to RuneScape. So, we’ll teach you how to get progressively larger amounts of GP. If you’re a newbie, concentrate on the first few steps of this article. If you are a more experienced player, or even a seasoned veteran, skip to the end of this article. You may find a few tips that surprise you.

Here is the most basic tip that you will ever get, fight people who appear in red. They will slaughter you! If you are in a multi zone, wait for someone else to attack a monster before you attack it. If it attacks you before you attack it, run and hide until it attacks someone else. Hiding behind fences and ranging or maging works just as well. Working in teams is your best bet to survival.

When you begin Runescape, you start at Tutorial Island. This is the best place to train when you are level 3. Unfortunately, you can only train to level 3 in any skill on Tutorial Island, or so I heard. When you are finished, go to lumbridge by talking to the mage in the final training field. Lumbridge is dangerous to level 3s but so is anywhere else in Runescape. Don’t take on men in lumbridge for they will kick your butts after a while. Depending on what you want to be, go to different training areas.

We love Runescape. It’s a great game and there’s always so much to do. Previously, and in the future, we’ll write about so many tips and tricks that you’ll be a world-wide renowned player if you follow them all. However, there are people out there who are too lazy to do the work for themselves. Some of you reading this article may have had your Runescape account stolen by hackers and thieves. If you’re ever asked to participate in helping to steal Runescape passwords, please report it to Jagex immediately. There’s no fun in getting accounts illegally, and it’s morally wrong.

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