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Will it be a crowd favourite, or the next nail In Jagex’s coffin? Come January we’ll know the answer, when Summoning stands before a grand jury of millions of players. Jagex can hype the skill, I can defend it, but ultimately it’s the players who pass judgement.there’s a time limit on how long you can have a summoned creature out.

That could be good or bad really, depending on what familiars actually do. I’ll reserve judgement on that one. Also in the development diary, there’s a quick mention of a protect from Summoning prayer, meaning you can summon your familiars in the joke of a PvP area, Bounty Hunter.

So Summoning is a big enough threat that Jagex is including a protection prayer as well as raising the combat cap? I suspect we may be looking at a fourth corner of the combat well as the more trivial concern of free players. If summoning turns out to be members only, 100% customer satisfaction motivates us move forward continuously. Thanks to stable gold and power level providers, we always have gold in full stock. Whenever you need, we’ll deliver it to you!

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