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The rewards are great!On top of that, you receive some wieldable fishing nets, which will save you an inventory space. Finally, various bank deposit boxes have been placed all over RuneScape, which is also very useful. A lot of the runescape gold quests just depend on you to past messages on, help out people and make runescape a better place!

Although you’re not going to use them all, some are located at a good location, such as Pollivneach. And you can also help Jones 10 more times to track down Thalassus.There’s a lot of other Distractions and Diversions, and I honestly cannot imagine someone doing this one for fun all the time.

Yes that’s right, this quest is already over! I found this pretty disappointing, as I expected some more involvement of the mermaids. I mean, we have been underwater before, so an underwater prison from which you need to escape would be suitable. Who knows, they could have expanded the whole mermaid theme, and make it so that you save Jones in a sequel. I wouldn’t mind another quest series, even though it would probably take years before there is finally a sequel.

The boat reaches an area with various shipwrecks, and you need to investigate the correct shipwrecks in order to find the trail of Thalassus. This part was obviously a puzzle,This can get annoying seeing as the puzzle resets after a few failures. Still, it was not hard, and it didn’t take long anyway.If you have noticed the size of Thalassus and the size of the rowboat,And of course, Jones gets swallowed and your character falls overboard.  It personally reminded me of Gyorg, a boss from the Legend of Zelda game Majora’s Mask, so I hoped that a similar name like that would be available.

Of course, since there’s copyrights and all and since the available names were chosen by players who probably don’t even know who Gyorg is, I had to pick another name. In the end the monster was named Thalassus. Not really the most fitting name, but it will do. You will feel fast delivery just need 5-15Mins after you have a order!

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