Numerous chivalrous hooked runescape gold

Xuan Yuan will came back, and now the drama Xuanyuanjian is the major fiery broadcast to television stations and networks but it feels light watching TV is not good enough? It play the Xuanyuanjian theme that has been popular open various Value Gifts send crazy, there are 100 sets iPhone4S Oh! the” Regulus Heroes closed beta is hot in Ink Xian Xia world so many people linger, the drunk the United States martial arts arena but also numerous chivalrous hooked runescape gold.Exquisite ink painting style to the screen is a major feature of the the “Regulus Heroes” players in the game can see the Cuise the rocks, clouds of peach trees, rippling ponds, walking in the game itself, just like being in ink painting really delightful, feeling the whole person is the beauty intoxicated.

Ink Xian Xia world, a variety of martial arts play let you experience the real arena. Pure martial arts play allows players to indulge in the real arena.Where players can Regulus when a back charge grain official sent to the front, the food! Players can receive from the system at a number of forage, and escort them to the designated location, players can also invite their friends together escort escort success rate. To forage safe delivery to the destination, then will get a lot of reward, which the recruitment famous like experience Dan will make the necessary, are very practical Oh.

But the players in the escort on the way may be subjected to a variety of unexpected situations, for example, across the river when the sudden flood, mountain roads escort car may occur rollover accident,on your luck oh addition to natural disasters, the player may also encounter robbery Road, escort forage players, but will encounter robbery Road robbed forage players! quitting brave victory.

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