NBA 2K23 10K MT Best Defensive Player

S6 is ending, and as 2K releases more player cards, the price of the cards will gradually decrease. For those players who want to use cheap NBA 2K23 MT to get the best defensive cards, the following content may be worth referring to.

Ousmane Dieng – 96 OVR – PG/SG

His height of 6’10” and Wingspan of 7’2″ make him an elite PG card. Thirty-six gold badges, 12 HoF badges, very good defensive attributes, 93 Interior Defense, 93 Perimeter Defense, 94 Help Defense IQ, 93 Lateral Quickness, 94 Pass Perception, 92 Steal, with 5 HoF Defensive Badges, this elite level. The defensive card also has a good dunk, with an overall value between 10K ~ 12K NBA 2K23 MT.

Defensive Badges

Gerald Wallace – 98 OVR – SF/SG

This is a very good shooter, suitable for the small four positions. Like Ousmane Dieng, it is an elite defensive card with better defensive data than the former, 97 Interior Defense, 97 Perimeter Defense, 97 Help Defense IQ, 97 Lateral Quickness, 95 Pass Perception, 97 Steal, 97 Block, 95 Defensive. Of the 18 HoF badges, 8 are Defensive Badges.

Defensive Badges

Shane Battier – 98 OVR – SF/SG

This is also a defensive elite card, but it is much better than the previous two. In addition to having a good defensive attribute, the Defensive Badges of the HoF level have reached 10,

Defensive Badges

Richard Jefferson – 98 OVR – SF/SG

Offensively, he has 5 HoF Shooting Badges and a very good jump shot. Still, he also is good at layups, has a very good dunk package, excellent defensive statistics, and 5 HoF Defensive Badges that can let him finish Defense at the basket, which The shooting and Defense of the cards are relatively balanced. From the perspective of overall attributes, Defense performed better.

Lower Base: De’Aaron Fox
Upper Release: D’Angelo Russell
Release Timing: Very Quick

Mohamed Bamba – 96 OVR – C/PF

His height of 7’0″, and his Wingspan is 7’10”, and he is not only a good center but also a good power forward; 93 Interior Defense and 95 Block let him have excellent Defense, 85 Speed, and 85 Acceleration, also let him have A fairly good speed of movement. His defensive attributes are relatively good, with 6 HoF Defensive Badges.

Defensive Badges

Tyson Chandler – 98 OVR – C/PF

This card is similar to Mohamed Bamba, but his ability is even better. Although Mohamed Bamba’s Wingspan is longer, Tyson Chandler will widen the player structure, with 92 Speed, 92 Acceleration, and 98 Vertical, giving him more athletic ability. He has 18 HoF badges, of which six are Finishing Badges, 10 are Defensive Badges, and the remaining 2 are Playmaking Badges. He also has a decent jump shot that consistently keeps you in the green. Of course, this also depends on your preference.

Finishing Badges

Defensive Badges

Thurl Bailey – 98 OVR – PF/SF

This is a 6’8″ Height, 6’11” Wingspan small forward with the size to play a power forward. His playing style is very similar to Giannis, 6 of the 17 HoF badges are Finishing Badges, 7 are Defensive Badges, and the excellent Animations make him play better on the defensive end. He’s very good at blocking shots and layups and is a great finisher at the rim.

Lower Base: Tobias Harris
Upper Release: Cedi Osman
Release Timing: Very Quick

Finishing Badges

Defensive Badges

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