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Diablo 4 Guide: Mastering the Abattoir HOTA Barbarian Build

Diablo 4’s dynamic gameplay presents numerous challenges and opportunities for players to showcase their skills and strategy. One such avenue is the compelling Barbarian HOTA build, particularly tailored for the Abattoir of Zur. Drawing inspiration from the Chinese build by Zing Lawa, who conquered the first tier 25 AOZ dungeon, this guide delves into the intricacies of maximizing the Barbarian HOTA build.

Diablo 4 Guide: Mastering the Abattoir HOTA Barbarian Build

Core Build Overview

Key Aspects

  • Primary Skill: The Hammer of the Ancients is the main damage dealer, complemented by the Overpower hit.
  • Supporting Skills: Whirlwind for weapon swapping, Ring Cry, War Cry, Challenging Shout for defense, and Wrath of the Berserker for damage boost.
  • Weapon Expertise: Two-handed axe expertise enhances damage against vulnerable enemies.
  • Vampiric Powers: Crucial for applying debuffs and improving defense. Includes powers like Prey on the Weak, A Curse Touch, Metamorphosis, Ravenous, and Resilience.

Advanced Techniques

  • Skill Tree Optimization: Strategic allocation of skill points across essential, core, defensive, brawling, weapon mastery, and ultimate skills.
  • Gear Dependency: The build emphasizes the correct stats on each gear piece, especially the chest and pants. For those who don’t have the right gear yet, check out “buy items Diablo 4“.
  • Paragon Board Setup: Focus on defense and survivability, with glyphs like Territorial, Tears of Blood, and strategic node selection.

Maximizing Performance

Enhancing Damage Output

  • Level up the Tears of Blood glyph for higher-tier dungeons.
  • Avoid snapshotting bugs for an authentic gameplay experience.

Gear and Stats

  • Prioritize total armor, damage reduction, and specific stats on gloves, pants, and boots.
  • Legendary aspects should complement the build’s strengths, focusing on overpowering damage and survivability.

Tips for Higher-Tier Dungeons

  • Utilize Elixirs and incense for stat boosts.
  • Practice skill swapping for efficiency.

Personal Experience and Adjustments

Adapting the Build

  • Adjustments made for personal defense and survivability.
  • The decision to focus on other characters rather than exclusively leveling up the Tears of Blood glyph.

Equipment Choices

  • Specific gear recommendations for maximizing defense and damage.
  • Alternative gear options for different dungeon tiers.


The Abattoir HOTA Barbarian build in Diablo 4 represents a blend of strategic skill selection, gear optimization, and gameplay tactics. By following this comprehensive guide, players can harness the power of this build to conquer higher tiers in the Abattoir of Zur, balancing damage output with robust defense and survivability.