Cheaters in Runescape Will Be Thrown to The Masses

Regrettably for these less-than-devoted game enthusiasts, Runescape creators forbid this type of thing in their game and have recently begun taking extreme measures to cut down on the number of individuals who are only playing the game in the loosest sense of the word. In November of last year, developer Jagex unveiled new bot-culling techniques that resulted in one.5 million cheating accounts being banned from the game. This event was appropriately dubbed bot nuking day and according to Jagex it removed 98 percent of all the bots in the game.

The practice of botting has historicallyin the past been a giant issue in Runescape. For years now the game has been plagued by players who try to sidestep the MMO genres traditional experience and item grind systems by automating the system. In effect, these players are tasking bots with playing the tedious parts of the game for them, while they go about their otherwise thrilling lives.

However, it seems that this mass banning was to drive home the message of how tiny Jagex cares for these botters. Now, in lieu of working up fancy new automated systems that can be countered with a tiny bit of human ingenuity, the developer hopes to turn the runescape gold banhammer of justice over to Runescape legitimate player base for a tiny bit of organized vigilanteism. Those found to be using illegal program will be permanently banned and their account deleted with no chance of appeal ought to they continue to ignore our warnings,Jagex said by the official Runescape weblog. As they hunt for and identify botters, the nice citizens of Gielinor will be the final deliverers of justice!

Best known of the MMORPG RuneScape, Jagex has announced a brand new Facebook game being developed by its California-based studio. Carnage Racing will bring “next generation racing” to Facebook sometime this November, as players will be able to take to the 3D streets in the company’s first attempt at social media gambling on Facebook.


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