Easy Ways to Get RS Money and XP

Many players want to know the methods to make RS gold and get XP fast. I know gold and experience points are the two important parts in Runescape playing. Players often spend a lot of time making Runescape gold and grind levels. Actually, it is easy to make money and level up.

If you are a player just start out the game, you can train your skills on goblins. Goblins can be found in north of the Limbridge castle. If you have started the game for a while, you can find monsters which are a little lower level than you. You can kill monsters with lower level than you without effort.

If you are the player at level 6 or higher, I would suggest you to go to the Barbarian Village. Barbarian Village is located in the town west of Varrock. A lot of level 10 players are walking around there because they cannot find the way. There is a hole in the center of the town. You are supposed to go down the hole and ahead south. You will come to a gate of war. You have to answer a question before you can go through the gate. Behind the gate of War, you can find a room full of goblins. Now get start to kill goblins. Try your best to kill them. Some of them will drop bronze full helms. Helms sell for 14-28 gold pieces in the grand exchange. When you fill your inventory with helms you can go back out the door. Go up the ladder and you will come to a house near the hole. You look for a guy named Peska because you will trade helms with him for RS money. If you are a high level player, you can go into the Stronghold where you can get rewards.

If you want to make a lot of money, you should level up your mining profession to 20. Dwarven Mines is a good place for players to level up mining. A lot of level 10 dwarves can be found around the Runescape world. You can train on them when leveling RS mining. Once your mining is up to 20, you can leave Falador to Al-Kharid. Go straight north and you will find the mine. You can mine silver there. While you are mining there, you can train on the scorpions. When you get enough silver, you can go back and smelt the bars.

As soon as you reach level 35, you can make money and level up in Varrock. You should go through the west and directly to the north.  Skeletons will be found at the northeast of the graveyard. The big bones will give you 15 Prayer XP. You can bury the big bone in the wild or sell them for hundreds of gold.

Another efficient way to gain Runescape power leveling and make money is to do quests. Vampire slayer, demon slayer and dragon slayer all give you a lot of experience points.

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