You can buy cheap runescape gold

Thieving in runescape gold is one of the member-only skills and it allows the player to perform a lot of not so decent activities – steal from NPC’s, open locked chests and steal from different market stalls. It’s important to notice that if you ever get caught staling from an NPC you will be hit and the amount of damage you receive depends on the level of the NPC character. The players with a good agility level will have a chance to receive more from thieving.

If you have good agility than there’s a great chance you’ll be able to perform a double, triple or a quadruple pickpocketing. In simple words you’ll receive more if you pickpocket an NPC.Also there are several ways to boost thieving. If a player will drink the Bandit’s brew his thieving will boost by 1 level. Another drink – a yellow spicy stew on the other hand will boost thieving by 6 and the sq’irk juice will give a 3 level boost. A thieving cape also has small thieving boost and the Gloves of silence have an interesting effect on thieving.

To be frankly, if you have lot of time, if you likerunescape  goldfarming, you can get gold by gold farming yourself. But if you don’t have that time, or gold farming is boring to you, you can choose a reliable rs gold website to buy runescape gold cheap and get rs gold fast.

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