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Fallout 76: Complete Guide to Vault 63 Missions and Rewards

If you’re exploring the world of Fallout 76, one of the most fun areas to explore is Vault 63. This guide will take you through the main missions associated with Vault 63 and the unique rewards you can earn. From special weapons to collectible clothing, here’s everything you need to know.

Vault 63

Friendly Tips:
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Introduction to Vault 63

Vault 63 is one of the mysterious vaults in Fallout 76. Completing its missions will not only reveal its secrets, but also reward you with a variety of exclusive items. Let’s take a deep dive into each main mission and the rewards you can expect.

Main Mission 1: An Unlikely Invitation

Reward: Pip-Boy 2000 Burnt Paint

To enter Vault 63, complete the first main mission, “An Unlikely Invitation”. Upon completion, you’ll receive Pip-Boy 2000 Burnt Paint as a reward. This is one of only two free Pip-Boy paints that are not related to a limited-time event. Its design is simple yet unique, with dark blue accents.

Main Quest 2: Into the Unknown

Reward: Shenandoah Park Badge

Complete Into the Unknown to earn the Shenandoah Park Badge. This decorative piece is bigger than you think and is an eye-catching addition to your camp.

Main Quest 3: Before the Sea

Reward: Lost Scorched Vault Bodysuit

Complete Before the Sea at Dark Hollow Manor to earn the Lost Scorched Vault Bodysuit. This collectible garment, marked with the number 63, is similar to the default Vault suit, but with a scorched and worn look.

Main Quest 4: Mercenary Maids

Reward: Vault 63 Taser

Help Oberlin get the Vault 63 Taser in Mercenary Maids. This one-handed melee weapon has a nice legendary effect and is a valuable addition to your arsenal.

Main Quest 5: Cell Strong

Reward: Broken Hand Plan

After completing “Cell Strong”, you will receive the Broken Hand Plan, a strange item in a jar. Although it has limited visibility, it is a unique collectible.

Main Quest 6: Double Crosshairs

Reward: Shattered Ground

In Double Crosshairs, you will receive a unique handmade weapon called Shattered Ground. With its addictive effect, explosive bullets, and 90% weight reduction, it is an excellent weapon until you find the ideal God Scroll. This item can also be dropped.

Hugo’s Questline 7: Between the Lines

Reward: Cassidy’s Favorite Painting

Complete “Between the Lines” to receive Cassidy’s favorite painting. It is larger than expected and adds a personal touch to your camp.

Main Quest 8: Morbid Asylum

Reward: Vengeance Ticket

One of the most interesting quests, “Morbid Asylum”, will reward you with the unique rail rifle “Vengeance Ticket”. Originally with the Bloody perk in the test server, it now has the Fury perk. Despite being downgraded, it contains a hidden perk that doubles the capacity and ammo. This weapon is also drop-able.

Main Ques 9: The Oldest Trick in the Book

Reward: Cult Lord Mask and Costume

Completing “The Oldest Trick in the Book” will grant you the plans for the Cult Lord Mask and Costume. This visually stunning free costume features detailed cult symbolism and a unique design.

Main Quest 10: Clouded

Reward: Vault 63 Hazmat Suit

In “Clouded”, the Vault 63 Hazmat Suit comes with a clear visor and is arguably the best looking hazmat suit in the game, making it both stylish and functional.

Final Quest 11: Eye of the Storm

Reward: Vault 63 Two-Handed Sword

The final quest “Eye of the Storm” will reward you with the Vault 63 Two-Handed Sword, a uniquely designed energy sword. While the Legendary skill isn’t outstanding, it’s a visually impressive weapon. Note that the character model holds it in a unique way due to animation limitations.

Completing these quests not only provides valuable rewards, but also enhances your Fallout 76 experience. Each item will add a unique touch to your arsenal or camp, making your journey through Appalachia more exciting.