NBA 2K21 Shooting Tips & Tricks

Shooting considers as one of the most important things in NBA 2K21. But how to become a better shooter on NBA 2K21? Here, we share some tips that may make shooting easier in 2k21. Also, it would help if you did things before you start shooting on the court; you can store some NBA2k21 mt coins to strengthen yourself.

NBA 2K21 Shooting Tips

1. Watch out for space before going for a shoot.

Space is much required when you are thinking about going for a shoot. When you have an opponent covering you, going for a shoot would not be a great option. Instead, you can try passing the ball, making the opponent team move on the field, and open up some space for you or your teammates to perform a shoot.

2. If passing doesn’t help, calling a play should.

There are alternatives to open up space in NBA 2K21. One is to perform a drive-by pressing left stick and RT in Xbox One / R2 in PS4. The second is to use the right stick to perform a spin. Lastly, you can also call a play to beat defenders and open up some space. Call a play, hit LB/L1 while dribbling, and then press the button corresponding to the set play you want to call.

3. Going to A3 all the time won’t help.

A3 gives you 3 points to brag in NBA 2K21, but going for it always is not a great option. Try attempting A3 only when you are confident enough to score from there or get the ball inside and be happy with the score you get.

4. Aim for the Blue Areas (Hot Zones) of the court.

Hot Zones

Hot Zones matter a great deal for all shooting methods in NBA 2K21. Even when aiming or timing is off, shooting from the blue areas of the court can still get your player an easy bucket. It may help to go into 2KU with some of your team’s top athletes to see where their Hot Zones are.

5. Don’t be afraid to alter the settings.

You don’t necessarily have to use the right stick to shoot. It’s still possible to shoot with square (PS4) or X (Xbox). This changes the shot meter into something that may feel a little more familiar. To get the advantage of a boost, turn off the shot meter.

6. Disable shot aiming.

You can also go into control options and disable shot aiming altogether. This makes your Pro Stick function a bit closer to its NBA 2K20 state. Some timing and specific shots will still feel slightly different, but this is about as close as it gets to actually reverting the changes.

7. Disabled shot timing.

If you really want to make NBA 2K feel closer to arcade street ball, you can disable shot timing and instead make the game calculate chance based on the player’s real-time stats. This is the simplest shooting method and should only be used by those who truly hate sim basketball.

8. MyCareer players focus on shooting badges.

shooting badges

If you’re in MyCareer, upgrading your baller’s shooting Badges will also make them shoot better regardless of their stats.

9. Don’t rush your JumpShot.

Don’t rush your jump shot because of a lot of the time. Make sure you’re stationary for the jump shot. When you’re dribbling or catching the ball, 2k 21 they have animations to catch the ball, which means you don’t want to rush your jump shot. Ensure you catch the ball in enough time, get your feet right, gather correctly, and then shoot the ball.

10. Catch and shoot.

Catching and shooting are going to be a lot easier than dribbling and pulling up. Because when you dribble or pull up, it makes it a lot harder to shoot the rock. It’s hard enough to see the green bar, and the shot meter it’s too small to look at. So you use it as a gauge to see where the release point on the form. Technically when you are trying to shoot the ball and do not stare at the shot meter from left to right because it’s too small, you have to pinpoint it too much. Practice making sure where the release point.

11. Right stick shooting.

Going for layups with the right stick, you will meet with the meter you must aim with. If you line it up with your hand, the tick will start on your left. If you are laying up with your right hand, it starts on the right. It matters what hand the ball isn’t where you are located on the court. You can do the same thing for jump shots, hold the right stick in the direction of the move, then swing it towards the meter and let go. For layers, you will always be swinging down for the gather that takes a second. You can even aim in the middle before the meter, showing up and giving yourself a jump shot.

That’s all the NBA 2K21 shooting tips and tricks for you to master to become better in games. Also, if you need to read more NBA 2K21 guides and tips, please visit here.